And other stuff too…

I created a personal blog because I had to. Well technically I didn’t have to actually write anything, but I did have to create a wordpress account because I blog for TripAdvisor and they needed to link back to a profile. So I created ‘anythingeverythingandotherstufftoo’ and I thought to myself, why not? Let’s bight the bullet (weird expression, wonder where that originated from: note to self – will google that later), let’s create a personal blog.

I panicked a little with the name. Pretty naff I guess but I’m so late to the personal blogosphere that all the good ideas I had were already taken. So, stupid blog name aside (maybe I can change it at a later date?), I hope my ramblings about anything and everything and other stuff too don’t bother you too much. I promise to keep them short and sweet!

I think a good place to start should be to explain a little bit more about myself. Firstly, I’m sitting in my back garden on our small, but perfectly lovely deck, with the bbq going. It’s an unusually hot July’s evening (especially for a weekend!) and, admittedly I’ve probably drunk just a little too many glasses of white wine spritzers, but hey it’s Saturday so I’m allowed to, right?! I live in a 2 bedroom terrace, have a husband and a cat (both lovely), work full time for a wonderful organisation as a Community Manager and own (well bank owns) a house in Cyprus – hence why I blog for TripAdvisor.

In order for you to feel like you know me a little better, here are some of my top 3’s:

Top 3 likes:

1. People: As in husband and family (which obviously includes my cat) and friends too.

2. Hmm… wine or chocolate, probably wine.

3. Writing. I’ve written for magazines before but my secret love is writing fiction.

Top 3 hates: (although this can change on a daily basis).

1. Internet trolls (as opposed to mystical trolls and those toy trolls you used to get in the 80s with the sticky up hair)

2. Spam (online, email and tinned).

3. Inappropriate and incorrect use of the hashtag – this one actually drives me a little insane.

Top 3 jobs I would love to have:

1. Fiction writer.

2. Cat photographer.

3. Pet photographer.

Top 3 favourite places:

1. Home, because there’s no place like home.

2. Our house in Cyprus, because it’s amazing and feels just like home but in a hot and beautiful country.

3. My mum and dads, because I know that I will always be welcome and there’s nothing better in this world than family.

So that’s it to start with – see I promised to keep it short! I would love to know you a little better too. What’s your top 3 likes, dislikes, jobs and favourite places? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Until next time…

Ro (anything everything and other stuff too) xx